Tate, Zoe-2005-09-22

Zoe Tate. September 2005.

Zoe Tate was a popular character in Emmerdale from 1989 to 2005. She was the daughter of Frank Tate and sister of Chris Tate. Zoe had a relationship with Archie Brooks and came out as a lesbian in 1993 and turned from the mild mannered vet into a vixen. She left for a new life in New Zealand in 2005, and left in a blaze of glory in Episode 4159/4160 (22nd September 2005) when she tampered with the gas taps causing an explosion at Home Farm in revenge for Tom King blackmailing her into selling it to him. She has not been seen since. Zoe was played by Leah Bracknell.


Emmie zoe tate

Zoe Tate, left, after seeing the horror of the bus crash in 2000.

Zoe Tate was born on the 27th April 1968 to Frank Tate and Jean Tate. In 1984, Zoe's mum Jean died of a terminal illness and Frank helped her to die. In 1986, Frank married Kim Barker. Kim was much younger than Frank and was a horse lover like Zoe.

Storylines Edit

1989-2002 Edit

Zoe Tate arrived at Home Farm with father Frank, stepmum Kim and brother Chris in November 1989. She did horsewhip Jock MacDonald after he attacked a horse. Jock was sacked from Home Farm in September 1990. In 1993, Zoe became very friendly with Archie Brooks but said she was a lesbian. In December 1993, a plane crashed on the village and Zoe's brother was paralysed. She also had to tned some badly burned cows owned by cowman Ted Barker. On the night, Zoe helped Lynn Whiteley whose house was blown up when wreckage hit it.

In 1995, Zoe started dating vet Emma Nightingale.

In October 1999, Chris went missing and Tate Haulage employee Liam Hammond seemed to be the only one who spoke about Chris in present tense. Zoe thought that Liam had something to do with Chris' disappearance. Zoe enlisted the help of Terry Woods. One time Zoe asked Liam to drive to Portsmouth on a job. Liam smelled a rat so got Pete Collins to do it for him. As Zoe and Terry staked out Liam's home, they were met by Liam brandishing a gun. He took them to where Chris was held captive. Zoe found out that Liam was their elder half brother. Zoe then shot Liam dead. Chris and Zoe quickly destroy all the evidence that Frank was Liam's father. D.I. Derek Spalding suspects that Liam was another secret relative with an axe to grind, and that Zoe may have finished him off. Spalding could not prove his theories so the outcome was lawful killing. This was when Zoe started to become more erratic and unstable.

2002-2005 Edit

Tate,Zoe-last shot-2005-09-22

Last shot of Zoe, as she leaves with Home Farm burning behind her. September 2005.

Since 2005Edit

Memorable Info Edit

  • Chris's nickname for Zoe is "Zig" (episode 1412)

Quotes Edit

"Do it, Callum". Last line, as she is leaving so that she witness the explosion at Home Farm (episode 4159/4160)

" How dare you,you bitch!" To the police officer who charged Frank with murdering Kim.(who faked her death)

Family Edit

Father Frank Tate

Mother Jean Tate

Siblings Chris Tate; Liam Hammond (half, same father); James Tate (half, same father)

Grandfather Nigel Tate

Children Jean Tate Jnr (2003) (With Scott Windsor)