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Well as I founded this site and am a huge fan of Emmerdale and all aspects of the show I thought I would do a blog on one of my favourite shows ever. Emmerdale began on the 16th Oct 1972 and is now over 44 years old. My fave years during the Emmerdale Farm era is 1974, 1982 and 1986. During the Emmerdale era it is 1990, 1993 and 2011. Remember that the word Farm was dropped from the shows title in November 1989 to reflect the fact that much of the show was not about Emmerdale Farm itself by then, a change which started to become noticed by the early 1980s.

I first heard of a show called Emmerdale Farm in the 1980s when very young and can vaguely remember the opening credits of the fields and animals at sunset. I remember the 1993 plane crash very well and became a regular viewer from then onwards. In May 2010 I visited Esholt, where the village scenes for the show were filmed for 22 years. In June 2016 I visited the Harewood set.

Until 1989 the focus on the show was on Emmerdale Farm itself and the residents of it such as Annie, Joe and Jack Sugden, Matt Skilbeck and wife Peggy later Dolly and Annie's father Sam Pearson. Sam died in 1984 and 5 years on the word Farm was dropped for the title and the focus was more on the village and Home Farm which coincided with the arrival of the Tates.

Emmerdale is my fave soap and is underrated. Other fave soaps are EastEnders, Neighbours and Home And Away.

Benny1982 (Updated October 2016)