Emmie frankie tate 1989

Frank Tate.

The Tate family were major characters in Emmerdale from 1989 to 2005, and now some descendents of Frank Tate remain, such as Joseph Tate and Noah Macey. Here is a Tate family tree.

Family TreeEdit

Nigel Tate married Unknown Woman c1935

Parents of:-

Frank Tate born 1937.

Frank Tate had relationship with Unknown Woman in 1960

Parents of:-

Liam Hammond born 1961

Frank Tate married Jean Tate (Unknown maiden surname) c1962

Parents of:-

Chris Tate born 1963 and Zoe Tate born 1968

Frank Tate wed Kim Barker in 1994

Parents of:-

James Tate born 1996.

Chris Tate married Rachel Hughes in 1995

Parents of:-

Joseph Tate born 1995

Chris Tate married Charity Dingle in 2001

Parents of:-

Noah Tate born 2004.