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Steve Fuller.

Steve Fuller was a minor character in Emmerdale Farm in 1988. He was the man whom had an affair with Dolly Skilbeck which eventually lead to her divorce from husband Matt Skilbeck. Steve was a lumberjack who initially showed interest in the tree plantation at Home Farm and locked horns with Jack Sugden over it. In June 1988 Steve left for a job in Scotland but in November he was killed by a falling tree. Steve was played by Gregory Floy.


Stephen Fuller


24 November 1988


2 brothers



Played by

Gregory Floy


Steve Fuller grew up in Gloucestershire, the youngest of 3 brothers. Steve was a lumberjack and surveyor of trees. He travelled around a lot, spending time in Canada.


In April 1988 Steve Fuller was called to inspect the woodland on Home Farm land. Joe Sugden and Alan Turner wanted to cut down hundreds of the trees to raise money to pay off their mortgage on Home Farm. Steve clashed with Jack Sugden over it as Jack thought the trees belonged to the village, not Joe and Turner. But Joe Sugden and Turner said they need to raise the money to keep Home Farm above water, to keep villagers in jobs, and if that meant cutting down a few acres of trees then so be it. Steve started to become friendly with Dolly Skilbeck, wife of Matt Skilbeck.

Steve flirted with Sandie Merrick and Phil Pearce became jealous. Him and Steve almost came to blows. In May

Steve Fuller.

1988 Crossgill burned down and Dolly was grief stricken as she had many hopes and dreams for the place. Matt was secretly pleased as he was happy in their barn conversion at Emmerdale Farm. This distanced Matt and Dolly and she started becoming friendly with Fuller. Fuller and Dolly even ended up sleeping together. Fuller stayed at the forresters cottage in the village. Reverend Donald Hinton saw Dolly going into the cottage, and Matt was worried she was sleeping with Fuller.

In the end Steve Fuller got a job in Scotland and he finished with Dolly, and left the area in June 1988. By November he was back in the area again, working in Kelthwaite as a head lumberjack. On the 24th November, a tree was being felled and it fell towards Steve and crushed him to death. Dolly was horrified when she heard the news on the radio. Steve was said to be in his early 40s.

Dolly grieved for Steve and this just expedited her divorce from Matt.

Memorable info[]

Birthday: Inbetween 1945 and November 1948

Died: 24 November 1988

Cause of Death: Killed by a falling tree

Full Name: Steven Fuller