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Shadrach Dingle, local drunkard.

Shadrach Dingle was a character in Emmerdale from Episode 2674 (30th March 2000) to Episode 5664 (23rd July 2010). He was the drunkard brother of Zak Dingle and the father of Chas Dingle and Gennie Walker, whom he had an extra marital affair with her mother and they gave her up for adoption to Brenda Walker. Shadrach was a lazy, scruffy alcoholic and died in the river in 2010 after drinking too much. He was played by Andy Devine.



Shadrach in 1988.

Shadrach Dingle was born on the 22 July 1948 to Jedediah Dingle and Peg Dingle. Shadrach dated a woman called Faith. However in early 1974, Faith had an affair with Shadders's brother Zak Dingle. Faith married Shadrach when she was in her early stages of pregnancy and let him think he was the father. In November 1974 Faith gave birth to a son Cain Dingle. Zak was Cain's real father, and Shadrach was not to know the truth for another 26 years.

Shadders was a drunkard and often used to come home and beat the hell out of Cain and occasionally his daughter Chas Dingle, especially at night. Cain suffered at the violent hands of Shadrach for years, hence why Cain may have turned to crime as he got older. In early 1987, Shadrach cheated on Faith by dating Shirley Pascoe. They had a daughter Gennie Pascoe in November 1987 whom Shirley put up for adoption.

In 1988, Faith walked out on the family when Cain was 13 and Chas was 11.


In March 2000, Shadrach and his nephew Cain, who both thought they were father and son, turned up at the funeral of Butch Dingle. Another cousin, Charity Dingle attended the funeral. Shadrach became drunk and fell asleep in church. In 2001, Shadrach learned the truth that Cain was his nephew, as Zak had an affair with Shadrach's wife Faith 9 months before Cain was born. When Zak was away in South Africa, Shadrach tried to seduce Lisa Dingle, his sister in law.

Memorable Info[]

Born: 22nd July 1948 (Originally 1945)

Died: 23rd July 2010 (Aged 62)

In May 2003, Shadrach said he was 58 years old so born inbetween May 1944 and May 1945 but he was said to have been 62 when he died in July 2010. If he was 58 in 2003 he'd be 65 in 2010.


Father Jedediah Dingle

Mother Peg Dingle

Siblings Albert Dingle, Zak Dingle, Caleb Dingle, Ezra Dingle, Zebediah Dingle

Grandfathers Jonah Dingle

Cousins Obadiah Dingle, Solomon Dingle, Elvis Dingle

Nephews Marlon Dingle, Eli Dingle, Cain Dingle, Nathan Dingle, Butch Dingle, Ben Dingle, Sam Dingle,

Nieces Tina Dingle, Belle Dingle, Lilith Dingle, Delilah Dingle

Spouses Faith Dingle (1974-2004)

Children Chas Dingle (1976), Gennie Walker (1987)

Grandchildren Aaron Dingle, Molly Sharma