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Sarah Sugden Jnr.

Sarah Sugden Jnr is the daughter of Andy Sugden and Debbie Dingle. She was born in 2004.


2004 -[]

Sarah Sugden Jnr.

Memorable Info[]

Birthday: September 26 2004


Father Andy Sugden

Mother Debbie Dingle

Siblings Jack Sugden II

Grandfathers Cain Dingle, Billy Hopwood

Grandmothers Charity Dingle, Trisha Hopwood

Adoptive Grandfather Jack Sugden

Adoptive Grandmother Sarah Sugden

Uncles Noah Dingle, Moses Dingle, Kyle Wyatt, Robert Sugden, Daz Eden ,Jackie Merrick,Ryan Stocks, Isaac Dingle (The 2nd),

Aunts Victoria Barton

Stepfathers Pete Barton (2015-16

Stepmothers Katie Sugden (2005-07, 2014-15), Jo Sugden (2008-09

Godfathers Daz Eden

Godmothers Emily Kirk

Great Grandfathers Zak Dingle, Obadiah Dingle, Jacob Sugden

Great Grandmothers Faith Dingle, Kathleen Dingle, Victoria Connolly, Annie Sugden, Lisa Dingle

Great Uncles Nathan Dingle, Ben Dingle, Butch Dingle, Sam Dingle

Great Aunts Chas Dingle, Tina Dingle, Belle Dingle

Other Relatives Marlon Dingle, Eli Dingle, Gennie Walker, Shadrach Dingle, Billy Hopwood, Aaron Dingle, Mandy Dingle, April Windsor, Leo Goskirk

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