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Rev Edward Ruskin was a character in Emmerdale from Episode 31 (5th February 1973) to Episode 260 (20th May 1975) and again for a few episodes in May 1983, last appearing in Episode 805 (24th May 1983). He was the vicar of Beckindale for many years until he transferred to another parish in 1975. When Reverend Donald Hinton was away in 1983 Rev Ruskin stood in for him. Rev Ruskin was played by George Little.


Reverend Edward Ruskin




Liz Ruskin




1972-1975, 1983

Played by

George Little


Edward Ruskin was born in 1919 and became a vicar as a young man. He arrived in Beckindale in 1960 when he was transferred to that parish. He married Liz Ruskin but they never had any children.

1972-1975, 1983[]

Edward Ruskin in 1983 at Emmerdale.

Edward Ruskin was first seen in the show during Sharon Crossthwaite's dissapearance and revelation that she had been murdered. Jim Latimer confessed to Rev Ruskin that he had killed Sharon. Ruskin and his wife Liz lived at the vicarage in Beckindale. Ruskin and village churchwarden Wally Lumm had a disagreement in 1974 over divorced women joining the Womans Union.

In May 1975 Ruskin and his wife left the village after he was transferred to another parish. There was a nice send off for him at the village hall. Mr Matthews later became Rev Ruskin's replacement. Rev Ruskin was not seen in the village for the next 8 years.

In May 1983 Rev Ruskin returned to Beckindale as a stand in vicar for Rev Hinton when he was away. He helped Seth Armstrong and Meg Armstrong reconcile. Ruskin then left the village for the last time. He was never seen or heard from in Beckindale again.

Memorable info[]

Full Name: Edward Ruskin

Born: 1919

Died: After 1983

First appearance Episode 31 (5th February 1973)

Last appearance Episode 805 (24th May 1983)

First Line:- "It's alright. I am not a ghost".

Final Line:-


Spouse Liz Ruskin

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