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Reverend Hinton in September 1988.

Reverend Donald Hinton was a character In Emmerdale Farm from Episode 399 (25th October 1977) to Episode 1382 (31st August 1989), appearing again in 2 episodes in October 1993, last appearing in Episode 1812 (28th October 1993). He was the vicar of Beckindale and was a much loved and respected man in the village. He was a great friend of Annie Sugden. Rev Hinton was played by Hugh Manning.

Donald Hinton




Gavin Hinton.


Clive, Barbara.

First Appearance

25th October 1977

Last Appearance

28 October 1993


1977-1989, 1993.

Character Classification

Former; regular.



Donald Hinton was born in 1920 in or near London. He had a brother Gavin Hinton who died young. Donald married Mary and had 2 (or could it have been 3) children, Clive and Barbara, and possibly a 3rd daughter Christine.


Donald Hinton was first seen in October 1977 when he took over as the vicar of Beckindale and moved into the vicarage. His son Clive turned up in early 1978. Rev Hinton married Matt and Dolly in 1978 and soon became a good friend of the Sugdens. In 1978 he helped in the investigations into a dead body which was found underneath the Woolpack when the boilerman was doing maintenance. Hinton and Mr Moeketski found the skeleton was of a woman who was the ancestor of Sam Pearson.


Donald was a special guest at Annie Sugden's wedding to Leonard Kempinski in October 1993. This was his final appearance in the show and final visit to Beckindale. He has not been seen or heard from since.

As of 2018, Mr Hinton has probably since passed away.


First appearance Episode 399 (25th October 1977)

Last appearance Episode 1812 (28th October 1993)

Memorable info[]

Born: 1920

Died: After 1993

Full Name: Donald Hinton

In 1978 Donald referred to his daughter as Christine yet a few years later his daughter appeared and was known as Barbara. He may have had 2 daughters or Barbara was her middle name or Christine was, or the writers forgot that she was originally called Christine.


Siblings Gavin Hinton

Spouse Mary Hinton

Children Clive Hinton, Barbara Peters (1951)

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