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Peg Dingle.

Mariead "Peg" Dingle was a character in Emmerdale in 2002. She was the mother of Zak Dingle and his 5 brothers. She was played by Jeanne Hepple.



Born in about 1928-1930, Peg married Jedediah Dingle when she was young and they had a son Albert Dingle in January 1946. Several other children followed such as Shadrach Dingle in 1948, Zak Dingle in January 1952, Caleb Dingle  around 1955, Ezra Dingle in about 1957, Zebediah Dingle in around 1959.

One freezing cold night in 1960, when Zak was 8, he was upstairs in bed when he heard Jed and Peg have an almighty row. There was sudden silence. Jed had assaulted Peg during the fight and he then left the family, never to see them again. The following morning Zak saw the dried blood and no sign of his father. Zak thought Peg had killed Jed. Jed left Peg to bring the children up alone. Zak left home when young.


In Janaury 2002 Peg Dingle was dropped off on Zak when his cousins had enough of her. They did a bunk and left her behind. Zak was angry at his mother as he thought she had killed his father over 40 years earlier. She then admitted that they had a huge row and he walked out, leaving her to bring the childrne up alone. This was proven when Shadrach said he saw his father in an old Salvation Army hostel. Peg later set her sights on Alan Turner but Elvis Dingle returned to take Peg away with him again.

Peg later phoned Zak to say she was in Africa.

As of 2017 whether Peg is still alive is unknown.

Memorable info[]

Birthday: Unknown, about 1930

Full Name: Mariead Dingle

  • According to Shadrach, his mother had a "lethal backhand" when she hit him (episode 3667).


Spouse Jedediah Dingle (1947-2002)

Children Albert Dingle (1946), Shadrach Dingle (1948), Zak Dingle (1952), Caleb Dingle (c1955), Ezra Dingle (c1957), Zebediah Dingle (c1959)