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Pearl Ladderbanks is a character in Emmerdale, fi

Pearl Ladderbanks.

rst appearing in Episode 3500 (30th July 2003). She is a village gossip and is a match for Betty Eagleton. Pearl is played by Meg Johnson.



Pearl Hartbourne was born on the 18th March 1938. She married Ted Ladderbanks in 1959 when she was 21. Pearl had a relationship with a man called Robbie. She had a son called Frank Bernard Hartbourne. This may have taken place before she married Ted.


Memorable info[]

Born: 18th March 1938

Full Name: Pearl Ladderbanks (Nee Hartbourne)


Spouse Ted Ladderbanks (1959-c1996)

Children Frank Bernard Hartbourne (??)

Grandchildren Owen Hartbourne, Nadine Hartbourne

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