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Patricia Haines was an English actress who played Laura Verney in 1973.

Patricia Haynes as Laura Verney.


Born on 3rd February 1932 in Sheffield.

Died on 25th February 1977 in Northampton aged 45.

Patricia was first married to Michael Caine, from 1955 to 1961, to whom she had a daughter Dominique.

Her second husband was Bernard Kay, 1963 to her death.

Pre Emmerdale[]

Many television appearances included: Garry Halliday (1959); The Love of Mike (1960); BBC Sunday Night Play: Summer Theatre - June Evening (1960); Annual Outing (1960); as Miss Spinks in several episodes of Emergency - Ward 10 (1960); as Barbara Day in several episodes of The World of Tim Frazer (1960 to 1961); Three Live Wires (1961); Jessie Wright in two episodes of Magnolia Street (1961); The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre (1961); as Erika in four episodes of the thriller serial, Flower of Evil (1961); Studio 4 (1962); Dixon of Dock Green (1962); Ghost Squad (1963); Steptoe and Son (1963); The Plane Makers (1963); as Viven in two episodes of the soap, Compact (1963; 1964); Sergeant Cork (1964); Marriage Lines (1965); Public Eye (1965); two different characters in two episodes of The Flying Swan (both 1965); two different characters in two episodes of Secret Agent (both 1965); No Hiding Place (1967); Softly, Softly (1967); City '68 (1968); The Inside Man (1969); Up Pompeii! (1970); The Adventures of Don Quick (1970); Paul Temple (1971); The Dick Emery Show (1971); ITV Sunday Night Theatre: Summer and Winter (1972).

Cult television appearance included The Baron (1966); Adam Adament Lives! (1966); The Champions (1969); The Saint (1969); Department S (1969); Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) (1970); The Protectors (1973). Patricia made three appearances as four characters in The Avengers (1963; 1965; 1967).

Film appearances included: an uncredited part in The Shakedown (1960); Clue of the Silver Key (1961); The Night Caller (AKA The Night Caller From Outer Space) (1965); The Last Shot You Hear (1969); Walk Crooked Path (1969); Virgin Witch (1972).


Patricia appeared as Laura Verney for eleven episodes of Emmerdale Farm from 5th February 1973 (episode 31) to 20th March 1973 (episode 44).

After Emmerdale[]

Further television appearances included: as Adelaide Vincent in a three-parter of Crown Court (1973); Ski-Boy (1973); Special Branch (1974); Within These Walls (1975); The Growing Pains of PC Penrose (1975); Hadleigh (1975); Murder (1976). Her last television role appears to be in an episode of Nigel Kneale's horror anthology series, Beasts (1976).

Patricia died from lung cancer on the 25th February 1977 aged 45.


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