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The original church in 1975.

From the 1100s to 2002, the original St Mary's Church was tha parish church for the village of Beckindale (Emmerdale from May 1994). In 2002 schizophrenic vet Zoe Tate burned down the church. Afterwards, the church moved to School House in Church Lane, Emmerdale.


St Mary;s Beckindale was built in Viking times and served the parish of Beckindale for many centuries. Many of the names in the parish registers are from the Sugden, Pearson, Verney and Dingle families. In June 1882 the church was gutted by fire, started by a local choirboy. The church was then rebuilt and carried on serving the parish.


The church in 2000 at Butch's funeral.

Vicars over the years[]