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Mrs Merrick was an unseen character in Emmerdale Farm. She was the mother of Tom Merrick.

Amos Brearly said that she had died before Henry Wilks arrived which was 1972 and Tom had married Pat. If Amos said those two events in chronological order then Tom's mum must have died about 1958 to early 1964, as Tom wed Pat in April 1964.

Mrs Merrick


Prior to 1972


Mr Merrick(c1940-??)


Tom Merrick (1941)

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Mrs Merrick (first name never revealed) married a local man in Beckindale in about 1940. They had 2 children, a son Tom Merrick in April 1941, and a daughter Miss Merrick. Mrs Merrick's husband died when their son and daughter were young, leaving her to bring them up single handed. As Tom got older he would have helped his mum out by securing a farm labourer's job. Widow Mrs Merrick and her 2 children lived next door to the Harker family, which consisted of Pat Harker, Tom's future wife.

Mrs Merrick died in about 1965. By then Tom had wed Pat, whom they lived next door to.

Mrs Merrick was a great friend of fellow villager Annie Sugden.

By 1972 Mrs Merrick had died. Her exact death date and year is unknown.


Spouse Mr Merrick

Children Tom Merrick (1941), Miss Merrick (c1945)

Grandchildren Sandie Merrick, Tommy Merrick

Great Grandchildren Louise Merrick

Adoptive Grandchildren Jackie Merrick