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Marlon Sebastian Dingle is a long running character in Emme

Marlon Dingle.

rdale, first appearing in Episode 2125 (17th October 1996). He is the nephew of Zak Dingle. Marlon is the chef at The Woolpack and has been involved in some high profile storylines. He is a long term friend of vet Paddy Kirk. Marlon lives at Tall Trees Cottages. In October 2016, Marlon notched up 20 years in the show. Marlon is played by actor Mark Charnock.



Marlon Sebastian Dingle was born on the 20th March 1974 the son of Albert Dingle and his wife Delilah Dingle. Marlon had a brother Eli born 6 years after him. He was the nephew of Zak and Shadrach Dingle and had close relationships with his cousins Butch, Ben, Sam, CainCharity etc as children and teenagers.


Marlon alerts the paramedics to Tricia after finding her injured during the storm.

Marlon Dingle first arrived in the village in October 1996. His uncle Zak asked him for some rent. Frank Tate employed Marlon along with his relatives Butch and Zak regarding a quarry development Frank proposed.

Memorable info[]


Father Albert Dingle

Mother Delilah Dingle Snr

Siblings Eli Dingle

Grandfathers Jedediah Dingle

Grandmothers Peg Dingle

Spouses Tricia Stokes (2003-2004) Donna Windsor (2006-2009) Jessie Grant (2019-)

Children April Windsor (2009), Leo Goskirk (2011)

Uncles/Aunts Shadrach Dingle, Zak Dingle, Caleb DingleEzra Dingle, Obadiah Dingle

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