Margaret Sugden (nee Oldroyd) was the wife of Joseph Sugden and the mother of Jacob Sugden who was

Margaret Sugden




Joseph Sugden (1913-1963)


Jacob Sugden (1916), Edward Sugden (1920)

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born in January 1916. She was the grandmother of Jack, Peggy and Joe Sugden. Margaret was widowed in 1963 and died the following year, the same year her grandson Jack left Beckindale for London.


Margaret Oldroyd was born in about 1890 in Beckindale to Albert Oldroyd and Mrs Oldroyd. Margaret had a brother Andrew Oldroyd. Margaret married Joseph Sugden in 1913 and they had 2 children, Jacob Sugden in January 1916 and Edward Sugden in 1920. Edward died in action during WW1 but Jacob married and had children. Margaret Sugden was widowed in 1963 when Joseph Sugden died, and Margaret died in 1964 aged about 75.


Father Albert Oldroyd

Mother Mrs Oldroyd

Siblings Andrew Oldroyd

Spouse Joseph Sugden (1913-1963)

Children Jacob Sugden (1916), Edward Sugden (1920)

Grandchildren Jack Sugden, Peggy Skilbeck, Joe Sugden

Grandfathers William Oldroyd