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Marc Reynolds.

Marc Reynolds was a character in Emmerdale from March 1999 to 2002 followed by a return in 2007 for his grandad's funeral. Marc was the son of Sean Reynolds and Angie Reynolds and brother of Ollie Reynolds. He was played by Anthony Lewis. 


Marc Reynolds was born on 12th December 1983.


Marc arrived in Emmerdale Village in June 1999 along with his family: his father Seanhis mother Angieand his younger sister OllieMarc and Ollie began attending school in Hotton and befriended fellow students Andy and Robert Sugdenand Donna Windsor

Marc begins dating Donna and loses his virginity to her. Marc and Donna continued sleeping together until they were caught in bed together by Donna's mother VivViv later told Angie and Marc's relationship with Donna subsequently ended. Marc then began a relationship with newcomer Eve Birch

Marc, Ollie, Eve, Donna, Andy, Robert and Katie Addyman went on a night out in Hotton, where they went to a nightclub. After missing the last bus back to Emmerdale Andy stole a car and Marc agreed to drive the group home. However while driving back to the village they ran over their headmistress Jean Strickland , who was killed instantly. The group managed to destroy the evidence and hide their guilt, but after months of sneaking around Marc confessed and was sent to prison for a year for causing death by dangerous driving, while the rest of the group were sentenced to community service. Upon his release from prison Marc disapproved of his mother's relationship with Cain DingleWhen Angie later died in a car accident Marc left the village to live with his father.

Marc Reynolds in 2007, during the funeral of his grandfather, Len.


Marc reappeared in the village briefly in May 2007 along with his stepmother Tara Thornfield, for the funeral of his grandfather Len Reynolds. He then left the village and hasn't been seen since.