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Louise Marwood as Chrissie Sugden.

Louise Marwood is an English actress who initially played a minor role as Fiona Heath in 2010 and played Chrissie White (later Sugden, reverted to White) from October 2014 to late 2017, her last scenes aired in January 2018.


Louise Marwood was born on 16th November 1979. (Debateable, see Sources) Some sources say 13th March 1979. She grew up in Bristol.

She is sometimes credited in other roles as 'Louise Howells'.

Louise trained at The Oxford School Of Drama.

Pre Emmerdale

Acting under the name of Louise Howells, she has appeared in television programmes such as Holby City (2002); The Royal (2003); Waking the Dead (2004); as Ally Harrison as in several episodes of Hollyoaks: Let Loose (2003); as recurring character of Sam McGuire in two episode of Doctors (2003; 2006); as different characters in two episodes of The Bill (2006; 2007); as Anna Shorofsky in two episodes of Law & Order: UK (2009).

Film work included Showreel (2011).

Acting under the name of Louise Marwood, and leading up to her main role in Emmerdale, she appeared in the television programme, Suspects (2014).


Louise Marwood (credited as Louise Howells) as Fiona Heath in 2010.

As Louise Howells, for two episodes in February 2010, Louise played the character of Fiona Heath, responding to Rodney Blackstock's lonely hearts ad who turned out to be an old school friend of Nicola King (episodes 5541 and 5542).

In October 2014, as Louise Marwood, she returned to the show to become the regular character of Chrissie White (later Sugden). Chrissie was originally a reasonable person but her failed marriage to Robert Sugden and accidentally causing a helicopter crash bought out a darker side to her.

By 2017, Louise had been in the role for over 3 years. She left the role towards the end of the year and her character was killed off in January 2018, almost 4 years after the character first arrived.

After Emmerdale

Louise joined the cast of Coronation Street in 2022.


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Ancestry.co.uk 1837-2006 Birth Records "Louise Jane Howells" registered Jan, Feb Mar 1979 quarter in Bristol. Mother's maiden name was McConnell. A Benjamin Marwood Howells, same mothers maiden surname was born in 1982 in Bristol, so is probably a brother. Early 1979 is more likely Louise's birth date. Marwood could be a family name, if so then Louise may be related to world famous actor and comedian John Cleese, whose grandfather was Marwood Cross, also from Bristol.