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Jimmy King is a popular char

Jimmy King.

acter in Emmerdale, having appeared since Episode 3666 (19th February 2004). He has been married twice, first to Sadie King and now to Nicola King. Jimmy can be serious and reckless but his heart is in the right place, he was more intense in his early years in the show but has been turned into a bit of a buffoon. He runs Emmerdale Haulage at Pear Tree Cottage. Upon his brother Carl's death in October 2012, Jimmy remained the only blood King in the village until his nephew Thomas King came to live in the village in January 2013 but soon left. He is played by Nick Miles.



Jimmy King was bo

Jimmy King.

rn in Beckindale on the 1st March 1965, the eldest child of Tom King and Mary King (Nee McSween). He began working for his father at fifteen in 1980, after Tom bought his boss's failing factory. Charles Maguire was a thorn between Jimmy and Tom for some time, as an idealistic Jimmy disputed his father's business tactics.


Jimmy King in 2005.

Jimmy arrived in Emmerdale in February 2004.

Memorable info[]

Birthday: 1st March 1965

Full Name: James Frederick King

In 2013, Jimmy said his mothers maiden name was McSween.


Father Tom King

Mother Mary King

Siblings Matthew King, Carl KingMax King, Scarlett Nicholls (half, same father)

Grandfathers Albert King

Spouse Sadie Campbell (1990-2005), Nicola King (2010-)

Children Elliot Windsor, Angelica King

Great aunts Phyllis King

Nephews/Nieces Thomas King, Anya King