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Hunter Bell.

Hunter Bell was a minor character in Emmerdale Farm in 3 episodes in December 1974 and again in 2 episodes in August 1987. In 1974 was unsure of his true age and thought he was 70 but it turned out he was 67 and too young to join the Over 70s Club. In 1987 he was one of the protesters against the nuclear dump on Pencross Fell. He was played by Frederick Bennett.



Hunter Bell was born in 1907 on the Beckindale parish boundary. He was illegitimate. As he got older he lost track of his actual age but by 1974 he thought he was 70 years old and old enough to join The Beckstone Thrash. He may have secretly known he was born in 1907 and not 1904 but tried to join The Beckstone Thrash as he looked 70 but had to provide proof of his age.

1974, 1987[]

Sam Pearson met Hunter in The Woolpack and told him that Rev Edward Ruskin cannot find a record of his birth in the church records. Hunter is adamant that he was born in Beckindale. He asks Sam to see if Charlie Nelson would join the

Hunter Bell in 1987 with Jackie Merrick behind him, at the nuclear dump protest

Over 70s. Hunter wanted to join the Over 70s Beckstone Thrash but had to try and prove his age.

He found that he was only 67 and had 3 years to go to join the club. Sam said Hunter looks 70 so he thought he might get away with it, but also said that he thought Hunter knew how old he was but was trying to pull a fast one. Hunter then attended the Harvest Supper that night.

13 years later, in August 1987 now aged about 80, an elderly Hunter Bell attended the villagers protest against the proposed nuclear waste dump. He attened the party at Emmerdale Farm later on after the protest victory.

Hunter Bell died after 1987.

Memorable info[]

Born: 1907

Died: After August 1987

Full Name: Hunter Bell



Hunter in 1987 aged 80.

In Episode 1178 (25th August 1987) Hunter was the oldest protestor at the fight against a nuclear dump in Beckindale. The village later won the battle.