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George Barton Verney was a character in Emmerd

George Verney.

ale for 34 episodes in 1973 and 1974. He was the lord of the manor and lived at Miffield Hall, later known as Home Farm. He first appeared in Episode 27 (22nd January 1973) and last appeared in Episode 196 (24th September 1974)

George Verney


Millie (1935-1938), Laura Verney, (1966-1974)


1 brother, Marjorie Verney

First Appearance

20 January 1973

Last Appearance

24 September 1974



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Played By

Patrick Holt

. He was played by actor Patrick Holt.


George Barton Verney was born in 1910 at Miffield Hall in Beckindale, into the aristocratic Verney family, who had owned Miffield Hall for the last 400 years. George's father was Lord Miffield and his mother was Violet Verney. As a child in about 1915, George's nanny was a lady called Letty who ran off with a Colonel Winstanley who was killed in 1916 on the Somme in France. George Verney married a girl called Millie in 1935 and she died in 1938. George had a brother and a sister Marjorie Verney who wed in 1948 to Ronald Proctor. In 1966 he got married again to a much younger woman named Laura.


In 1973 George Verney's marriage to Laura Verney was falling apart. He enrolled the help of Beckindale vicar Rev Edward Ruskin. In March 1973, Laura Verney embarked on an affair with Jack Sugden and even had a secret holiday in London together. The same month, Jack blackened George's name and George gave Jack a horsewhipping outside The Woolpack. George and Laura's marriage later collpased and they divorced. In January 1974 George attended the Beckindale Hunt. In September that year he attended a village fete. Shortly after George decided to move to Cannes in France and live in exile over there.

1978 death.[]

George Verney died in September 1978 in exile in Cannes. His nephew Gerald Verney took over Miffield Hall and later sold it to conglomerate NY Estates. The hall was renamed Home Farm. This spelled the end of 400 years of the Verneys as lords of the manor in Beckindale.


George Verney was at least 4 or 5 by 1916 as he mentioned his nanny Lettie used to take him into Beckindale shop and bought him liquorice all-sorts and she used to meet her man who died in the Somme in 1916. This means George was born in about 1910.

The Verney family had built properties in the village and even had an oak tree named after them called Verney's Oak. In February 1988, Jack Sugden said Verney's Oak came down in a storm 20 years ago. This puts that event at around 1967 or 1968.

In 2005 Tom King mentioned the Verney family when he grew up in the village during the 1940s. He would have been referring to George as he was the lord of the manor then.

In Episode 7024 (13th November 2014), Lawrence White mentioned the Verney family when he grew up in the village as a child. He said how they used to own Home Farm.

Memorable info[]

Birthday: 1910

Died: September 1978 (Aged 68)

Full Name: George Barton Verney


Siblings Marjorie Proctor (nee Verney), 1 brother

Spouses Millie Verney (1935-1938) Laura Verney (1966-1974)

Nephews Gerald Verney, Mark Proctor

Other relatives Oswald Verney (ancestor or distant uncle)




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