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Gennie Sharma.

Genesis "Gennie" Sharma (nee Walker) was a character in Emmerdale who first appeared in Episode 4952 (1st April 2008) and last appeared in Episode 6616 (26th July 2013). She wass the adopted daughter of Brenda Walker and was a love child of Shadrach Dingle who had an affair with Gennie's birth mother. Gennie married Nikhil Sharma in October 2012 and in July 2013 had a car crash when escaping Cameron Murray and Debbie in a car chase after she overheard him confessing to killing. Cameron then suffocated her at the crash site when he saw she was still alive. Gennie was played by Sian Reese-Williams.




Genesis, normally known as Gennie, made her first appearance in Emmerdale when she was injured when a car, driven by Ross Kirk knocked her off her moped. She had been on her way to the village to meet her biological father, Shadrach Dingle. She settled in the village.

Memorable info[]

Birthday 15th November 1987

Died 25th July 2013 (Aged 25)

Full Name: Genesis Sharma (Formerly Walker and Pascoe)


Mother Shirley Pascoe; Brenda Walker (adoptive)

Father Shadrach Dingle; Bernard Walker (adoptive)

Spouse Nikhil Sharma (2013 to her death)

Children Molly Sharma

Siblings Chas Dingle (half, same father)

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