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Cain's first appearance.

It is the day of the funeral of Butch Dingle. A young woman arrives in the shop and asks Viv Windsor if she sells flowers. This young woman is Charity Dingle. Butch's cousins Cain Dingle and Charity arrive for the funeral alongside Cain's "father" Shadrach Dingle, who is really Cain's uncle, unbeknown to Cain. The Dingles all gather round to wave Butch off. John Wylie, Emily's father attends. Zak Dingle gives a speech and starts crying.


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First appearance of Cain Dingle, Charity Dingle and Shadrach Dingle. Charity was the first to appear, as she visited the shop to buy some flowers. Cain and Shadrach first appeared in Charity's second scene, when they got out of the car at the funeral.

Zak says to Sam how he is his only surviving son. As Zak did not know he was actually Cain's father, this reference indicates that Nathan Dingle had been forgotten about.