Emmie denise carter

Denise Carter.

Denise Carter was a minor character in Emmerdale in 2000. She was the mother of Richie Carter. Denise was played by Maxine Burth.



Denise was born in 1962. In October 1980 she gave birth to a boy, Richard Carter. Denise may have been married to Richie's father at the time. Richard was known as Richie and became a young businessman.


In November 2000, Denise visited Richie in hospital after he was injured in the barn fire in which his much older lover Sarah Sugden died. Denise was shocked to read on the news that Sarah was 48 years old. She reckoned they should get their facts right but Richie confirmed Sarah was indeed 48 whereas he was just 20. Denise said she herself was 38.

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Children Richie Carter (1980)