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Clive Hornby was an English actor and former drummer who played Jack Sugden from 1980 to 2008.


Born on 20th October 1944 in Liverpool as Clive William Hornby.

Died on 3rd July 2008 in Leeds.

Parents were William and Daisy Hornby. He had a sister Margaret born in 1947.

Clive married fellow Emmerdale Farm actor, Helen Weir, in 1984. They divorced in 2000. Helen and Clive have a son, Thomas Weir who was born in 1986.

Pre Emmerdale[]

In the 1960s Clive was a drummer in the Liverpool band The Dennisons.

His first TV role was in 1975 in the sitcom Get Some In. He appeared as an uncredited extra in Yanks in 1979 before a role in Minder in 1979.

Emmerdale (1980-2008)[]

Clive Hornby as Jack Sugden in 2007.

Clive's big break came in late 1979 when his acting career was taking off and he landed an initial 3 month contract in Emmerdale Farm as Jack Sugden. Jack was so popular that Clive's contract was extended and he remained until his death in 2008. Clive became one of the shows most popular actors.

Reportedly Clive signed a contract in 2007 for another 3 years, which would have taken him to 2010 but he took ill in early 2008 and sadly passed away that July.