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Carolyn Moody as Alison Gibbons.

Carolyn Moody was an English actress who played Alison Gibbons from 1973 to 1974.


Born on 28th April 1940 in Leeds, Yorkshire.

Died on 17th December 1989 in Haringey, London.

Pre Emmerdale[]

Television credits includes appearances in The Man in Room 17 (1965); Mrs Thursday (1967); Write A Play (1967); two different characters in two episodes of Ooh La La! (1968); various roles in The Benny Hill Show (1968).

Carolyn played Janet Holmes in the Comedy Playhouse episode, Family of Fred (1968). The episode acted as a pilot to a series in which she reprised her role, Thicker Than Water (1969).

More appearances followed with two episodes of The First Lady (1968; 1969); five episodes of Till Death Us Part (1968; 1972); Who-Dun-It (1969); two characters in two episodes of Private Eye (1968; 1973); Z Cars (1971); Trial (1971); as Madame Fadet in Clochemerle (1972); Love Thy Neighbour (1972); My Wife Next Door (1972);


Carolyn made her first appearance as Alison Gibbons on 26th February 1973 (episode 37) and would continue until the character departed in 17th September 1974 (episode 194).

After Emmerdale[]

More television appearances included: two characters in two episodes of Mr Big (both 1977); Stalky & Co. (1982); The Man From Moscow (1985); as Lyn in several episodes of Hilary (1985); Juliet Bravo (1985); Lame Ducks (1985).


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