Emmie mrs bates 1985

Caroline Bates in 1985.

Caroline Bates (Nee Wood) was a character in Emmerdale Farm from Episode 855 (21st February 1984) to 1989 and made a few guest appearances afterwards, staying with Nick and Elsa, as well as Kathy, when her husband David died. She last appeared in Episode 2559 (5th August 1999) at her daughter Kathy's wedding to Biff Fowler, which was called off at the last minute. She started off as the secretary of Alan Turner, the boss at Home Farm, helping bring out his softer side. Caroline was played by Diana Davies.



Caroline Bates was born Caroline Wood in about 1940 to Alice Wood and her husband, and was one of at least 3 children. She grew up in Sacrborough and married Malcolm Bates in the 1960s and they had two children Kathy and Nick.


In February 1984 Caroline Bates was appointed secretary to Alan Turner at Home Farm. She had been recommended by Alan's estranged wife Jill, herself a businesswoman. Caroline moved into Victoria Cottage, which was 17 Main Street at the time, and was 2 doors down from the shop. She bought out the humorous side to the bullying Turner and also bought out his softer side.


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Caroline Bates' last scene, August 1999.

Mrs Bates was last seen in August 1999 at her daughter Kathy's wedding to Biff Fowler. Biff called off the wedding. Caroline comforted Kathy. She has not been seen or heard from since.

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Birthday: 1940

Full Name:


Mother Alice Wood

Spouse Malcolm Bates

Children Kathy Brookman (1967), Nick Bates (1969)

Grandchildren Alice Bates

Siblings A brother, A sister

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