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George Molesworth

Bob Molesworth was a minor character in Emmerdale Farm in 1973. he was an old friend of Matt Skilbeck. Bob planned to poach Matt from Emmerdale Farm. Bob was played by actor Reginald Marsh, also known as bookie Dave Smith in Coronation Street.




In Augsut 1973, Bob turned up to see Matt Skilbeck, who had just recently lost his wife Peggy. He wanted to offer Matt a manager's job at Blackfell Farm Federation, a farm near Settle, several miles from Beckindale. He planned on taking Matt and his 2 children away from Emmerdale Farm. Annie Sugden, Matt's mother in law stepped in and told Molesworth that if Matt found out that Molesworth was planning to take Matt away from Emmerdale, then Matt would not want to speak to him and refuse. Molesworth admitted defeat and left.

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