1995 was Emmerdale's twenty fourth year in production and was one of the shows most memorable years. The Dingles dominated the show, Joe Sugden was killed in a car crash in Spain and we saw the final ever appearance of the iconic Amos Brearly. Sam dingle first appeared this year as did Terry Woods, mandy Dingle and Tina Dingle.

  • January, the brewery forced Alan Turner to take on Terry and Britt Woods.
  • February, Dr Bernard and his wife Angrahad McAllister moved back to London with 16 year old Jessica. Luke stayed behind to finish his A levels.
  • 2nd February, first appearance of Terry and Britt Woods.
  • 14 February, first appearance of Sam Dingle.
  • April, Jessica McAllister returned to Emmerdale to visit ex boyfriend Biff Fowler.
    Emmie chris tate rachel

    Chris Tate wed Rachel Hughes in December this year.

  • April, Robert Sugden went missing but was later found.
  • May, Britt Woods estranged father Ronnie Slater turned up in the village. He claimed he was dying of cancer.
  • 18 May, Luke McAllister asked Tina Dingle to marry him.
  • 6 June, Joe Sugden died in an accident in Spain.
  • 8 June, Joseph Mark Tate was born to Chris and Rachel Tate.
  • June, Amos Brearly and Annie Sugden returned to Emmerdale from Spain for Joe's funeral.
  • 6 July, Annie Sugden asked Amos Brearly to marry her, 23 years after he asked her but she rejected.
  • 7 July, Annie and Amos left Emmerdale and returned to Spain. This edition saw the final ever appearance of Amos Brearly.
  • 20 July, Tina Dingle jilted Luke McAllister at the altar. Mandy Dingle first arrived.
  • 1 August, Luke McAllister died in a car accident whilst trying to kill himself and Tina Dingle. Tina managed to escape.

    Cast of Emmerdale, 1995.

  • October, Frank Tate tried to evict the Dingle's from Wishing Well Cottage, their home for 30 years. The Dingles had lived rent free there but Frank allowed them to stay there if they paid rent.
  • 3 November, Annie Sugden and Amos Brearly married offscreen in Spain.