Joe Sugden & Ruth Hepton encounter a mine explosion, 1978.

1978 was Emmerdale's seventh year in production. This year saw the first appearance of long standing character Seth Armstrong. Matt Skilbeck wed Dolly Acaster in June this year as well in the shows 3rd wedding. Also this year saw a rival for Emmerdale Farm when NY Estates took over the old hall and renamed it Home Farm.
  • Sam Pearson proposed to Nellie Ratcliffe but she turned him down claiming they were too old.
  • 18 Mar, An explosion at a mine traps vicar's son Clive Hinton and his friends Rod and Ian.
  • April, the residents went on a day out.
  • 4 May, Amos and Mr Wilks were held hostage at The Woolpack.
  • 16 May, the first appearance of Seth Armstrong. He spat outside the Woolpack and insulted the boilerman after hearing he was from Liverpool.
  • 29 June, Matt Skilbeck married Dolly Acaster at Beckindale church. The chimney sweep arrived and kissed Dolly.
  • September, George Verney died in exile in Cannes. The manor and land was bought by conglomerate NY Estates.
  • September, Dolly found it hard adapting to life at Emmerdale Farm after moving there after her wedding.
  • October, Amos Brearly celebrated 25 years as Woolpack landlord.
  • October, Trevor Thatcher arrived as the first NY Estates Village manager. The manor was renamed Home Farm. This ensured big change for Beckindale, and Emmerdale Farm.
  • November, local elderly lady Nellie Ratcliffe was threatened with eviction by NY Estates from her home of 48 years.
  • November, a cow at Emmerdale Farm was found to be suffering an illness after refusing to drink its milk.
  • November, the residents of Emmerdale Farm and Rev Hinton rallied round Nellie Ratcliffe after she was threatened with eviction from her cottage, her home for the pasy 48 years.
  • December, the Christmas play was organised and Amos plied for Jack And The Beanstalk.

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